I have visited your Restaurant and i love your Buffet. Keep it up your good quality of food.  
Iman Yamin  

Came for dinner on MOnday. Was surprised to find an excellent buffet.  
Annand Kumar  

_____________________________________ Wow! I've lived and worked in the area for years and love to try new restaurants but never had the nerve to go indian. Oh goodness, what I've been missing! I literally just finished about 10 mins ago. I went there for lunch and they had an amazing buffet. Don't ask me what it was all called, but I was determined to try a bite of everything ... there wasn't one thing on the buffet that I disliked. Well my least favorite thing was something that I thought was sweet potatos ... didn't care of the texture, but other than that everything was amazing. The flavors were like the colors of india, vibrant, sensual, spicy and exuberant. $12.99 for a buffet is a little pricey (especially since I took it to go). Next time I go, I'll plan on staying so I can nibble on everything at my leisure. What a wonderful surprise! SUBMITTED: 4/20/2011 LAST VISIT WAS: 04/20/2010  

What a little gem. We had lived in the area for over a year and had driven past or near it on several occasions. A friend who worked near by had been there a couple of times on business and said it was the closest thing he had tasted to a good English curry and boy was he not wrong. Fantastic service and excellent food with the added bonus of bring your own. Take in what you want and the happily serve it to you with no corkage fees. Some people have commented on the cost, and I guess compared to other restaurants near you would think that, but you get what you pay for and its nowhere near the cost of going somewhere else near by for the same quality. I have only ever eaten there in the evening so I cant comment on the lunch buffet, but if its anything as good as the evening menu, then I wouldn't mind giving it a go.  
Michael Cleminson  

I thought finding this would be so adoruus but it's a breeze!  

I like to come back to your Monday night Buffet. It was very good.  
M. khan  

amazing food!!!!!!!!!  

I have visited today and surprised by the delicious taste.keep it up.  





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