• MURGH MAKHNI Tandoori chicken tikka immersed in a spiced creamy butter sauce.  $19.00
  • MURGH BADAMI KORMA Char grilled chicken cooked in an almond and cashew sauce flavored with saffron. $19.00
  • MALWANI CHICKEN CURRY Coconut flavored green chicken curry from West India. $19.00
  • MURGH DO PYAZA Cubes of boneless chicken cooked in an abundance of onions and spices. $18.00
  • NILGIRI MURGH Traditional chicken cooked in a blend of spices with mixed greens and herbs. $19.00
  • CHICKEN DHANSAK   Chicken, vegetables and lentil curry flavored with stat anise & fenugreek. $19.00
  • CHICKEN VINDALOO Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with potatoes in vindaloo sauce and aromatic spices. $19.00
  • PAHARI KUKARH Chicken and potato in a fiery hot tomato sauce flavored with whole garam masala.  $19.00
  • CHICKEN MADRASS Boneless chicken pieces cooked in madras spices, coconut milk and flavored with fresh curry leaves $19.00
  • CHICKEN PHAL Boneless chicken pieces cooked in ginger, garlic and onion gravy with dry red hot peppers and green chilies $19.00
  • CHICKEN TIKA MASALA Barbecued Chicken morsels cooked in an aromatic and deliciously zesty sauce. $19.00
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