• MURGH ZAFRANI Exotic variation of the traditional tandoori chicken. $18.00 Half Order $10.00
  • MURGH TULSI TIKKA Boneless pieces of chicken flavored with Kings cumin, other spices and basil $19.00
  • ACHARI MURGH Boneless morsels of chicken breast in yogurt, fenugreek and pickling spices. $19.00
  • JHINGRI TAMATAR Juicy jumbo prawns enhanced with sun dried tomatoes and tarragon. $19.00
  • LUCKNAWI SEEKH KEBAB Minced lamb kebabs infused with burnt garlic, aromatic herbs and smoked cashew nuts. $19.00
  • GOSHT BOTI KEBAB Lamb medallions marinated in pomegranate and cardamom pickle. $20.00
  • FISH TIKKA Fish cooked in tandoor with carom and yogurt marinade accompanied by freshly sauteed vegetables. $20.00
  • MURGH MALAI KABAB Boneless pieces of chicken flavored with cream cheese, nutmeg & mace $19.00
  • FISH TIKKA  White fish marinated in Carom, spices & yogurt, cooked in tandoor, accompanied with Sauted vegetables $20.00
  • RACK OF LAMB Rack of spring lamb marinated in mustard and mint emulsion $28.00
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