• PALAK PANEER curried spinach with homemade cheese and aromatic spices. $12.00
  • ALOO TIL GOBHI  Potato and cauliflower florets tossed with onions and sesame seed. $12.00
  • NAVRATTAN KORMA  Garden fresh vegetables and nuts cooked in a cashew sauce. $12.00
  • SAAG MAKKAI CHILLI Sauteed mixed greens with baby corn and red chilies.  $13.00
  • BAIGAN BHURTA Smoked eggplant delicacy cooked with onions and tomatoes. $12.00
  • BHINDI AMCHOORI   Okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and dry mango powder. $12.00
  • KHUMB JALFREZI Mushroom cooked with onions $12.00
  • KHUMB VINDALOO Mushroom cooked in very spicy Vindaloo sauce $12.00
  • SUBZ-E-LAZEEZ  Fresh vegetables tossed in ripe tomatoes and herbs with a hint of vinegar $11.00
  • PANEER MEHR-UN-NISSA Stir fried cottage cheese and vegetables flavored with fennel $13.00
  • PANEER MAKHNI Small cubes of homemade cheese cooked in cashew sauce and fenugreek $14.00
  • ALOO TIKKA MASALA Potatoes simmered in creamy tikka masala sauce $11.00
  • VEGETABLE KOFTA Vegetable dumplings cooked in creamy sauce topped with almond and cashews $13.00
  • PUNJ RATTANI DAL A mixture of several lentils tempered with fresh garlic and cumin $11.00
  • DAL MAKHNI Black lentil delicacy simmered overnight on a slow fire with garlic, tomatoes and spices $11.00
  • SAAG ALOO Fresh baby spinach and potatoes cooked in aromatic spices $12.00
  • SINDI CHOLE Chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices in a pomegranate sauce $11.00
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